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Topic: Beauty Routine for Wedding Day
Timeframe: Four Months


You’ve planned your wedding day for months, right down to the last detail. When the time comes to walk down the aisle, you’ll want everything to fall into place, especially your appearance. To make sure you and your bridal party will look as radiant and as beautiful as ever, follow this timetable to create just the look you want.

Three Months Before

Start planning your wedding hairstyles and headpieces. This is the time to think about the perms, coloring or cuts you’d like to try and how these changes will look with the veil, hat or other headpiece you’ve selected. Decide the best timing for perms and other major changes.

Bridesmaids’ hairstyles can also be coordinated to create a more unified appearance. Coordination is possible; even when your attendants present a wide range of styling (from long curls to short and snappy cut). Combs, flowers and hats can pull the whole look together. Also, do not neglect your smile. Cosmetic whitening or routine teeth cleaning will greatly enhance your overall appearance.


Start taking special care of your nails to get them into shape for the big day. This goes for the groom, too, whose hands will be photographed clutching yours. Six weeks before, you should begin manicures. If you are contemplating tips for your wedding day, have them applied one to two weeks prior to get the feel of them and learn how to work with them.

One Month Before

Because you will be photographed extensively on your wedding day, give serious thought to having your makeup professionally applied. Your wedding day worries can be lightened with a confident, professional makeup artist in the comfort of your own home and at your side the whole day long. Makeup artists are trained to make you look your best against the shades of white or ivory in your gown.

Advantages of an at-home makeup service are many. First, there is the pre-makeover. A makeup ar tist comes to your home and does a makeover on the bride and a bridesmaid, so you’ll know exactly how you will look on the wedding day. You will also choose the style, look and colors of makeup you want your bridal party to wear. Although makeup services provide top name brand cosmetics, they will use your favorite if you wish.

When auditioning your hairstyle one month before, don’t forget to take along your headpiece when you visit the salon.

Make an appointment for your wedding day not only for you, but also for your entire bridal party; allowing members to be pampered each by a different stylist if possible.

One Week Before

Complete all the finishing touches. While avoiding any big changes at this late date, do take care of any maintenance that needs to be done. Try on your makeup and hairstyle with headpiece one final time. Encourage your attendants to do the same.

Wedding Day

Plan to have your hair done first, preferably four hours before the wedding takes place. The weather will determine if you need extra hold, a tighter set or a bit more teasing since rain or high humidity can ruin the best-laid plans. Allow the stylist to arrange and secure your headpiece. Next comes your makeup and final manicure. The same treatment applies to your entire bridal party.

Health Tip:

According to John Bailey, PhD, director of the FDA’s Office of Cosmetics and Colors, “Consumers believe that ‘if it’s on the market, it can’t hurt me’ and this belief is sometimes wrong.” In fact, in 1991, the FDA found that 65% of the cosmetic products sampled contained carcinogenic compounds. Check your local health food store or book store for more up to date information.

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