Perfect Draw Cigar Lounge

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Cigar Bar Trailer • Perfect Draw Cigar Lounge

  • LED lighting including LED accent lighting under bench seating, and full interior perimeter
  • Custom humidor with Spanish cedar and humidification system
  • Custom built counter with oak countertop
  • Two smoke exhaust fans
  • 3/4″ kiln dried custom woodwork with crown molding
  • Custom vinyl bench seating and chairs
  • Two LCD TV screens with Roku services
  • Full HVAC that includes AC and Heat
  • Full tin ceiling and upper walls
  • Fully insulated walls and ceilings
  • 8ft. Wide X 24 ft. Long X 11.6 ft. Height

Serving the Greater Pittsburgh Area & Beyond!

Seth Rosen


Perfect Draw Cigar Lounge provides a full service, exciting cigar experience to guests. Our certified Tobacconists teach how to pair cigars with food and drink, and also help guests decide on purchasing an appropriate product for their palette.

The LED lighting sets the mood for every occasion. Immerse yourself in an experience where every puff of a premium cigar is accompanied by an enchanting glow, enhancing the pleasure and camaraderie that cigar aficionados cherish.

The custom vinyl bench seating is designed to accommodate your every need. Its design promotes relaxation, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the pleasure of your favorite cigars. From its spacious dimensions to its refined aesthetics, this seating feature effortlessly combines functionality with refined style.

The custom Spanish cedar humidor sets the stage for an unforgettable journey. Step inside and savor the perfect harmony of tradition and innovation, as your cherished cigars are enveloped in an atmosphere designed to celebrate the art of cigar smoking.

The Full HVAC feature is a testament to our commitment to providing a luxurious and accommodating experience for every visitor. Whether you’re seeking respite from the sweltering heat or refuge from the chilly air, our state-of-the-art system ensures that every visit to our cigar bar trailer is met with the perfect climate.

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