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Contract Information

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Topic: Points to Cover in Writing
Timeframe: ASAP

Important Information

When booking any service provider for your wedding, there are many details to consider and have in writing! This is extremely important for you as well as your service provider. Following are many details to cover in almost every contract you will sign, and it is very important to have a written contract for every aspect of your wedding.

Questions to Ask

1. How long will they hold a date?

This will vary greatly between every vendor you talk to. Some may hold a date with just a verbal commitment for a period of time – possibly ten days to two weeks. Others may not hold a date at all without a monetary deposit. If you do put down a deposit, be sure to inquire about cancellation policies.

2. When are future payments and the balance due?

Some vendors will set up a payment plan often splitting payments over the upcoming months. Others will want a deposit and then payment in full prior to the wedding.

3. What are the cancellation policies?

Again, this will vary greatly from vendor to vendor. If you have a deposit down, and you must change the date of your wedding or cancel it, you may lose your money. Some vendors will offer to apply your deposit towards a future date (if they are open on that date). It is very important to cover yourself the best way you can concerning cancellations. It’s not something you think will happen, but sometimes circumstances change.

4. What attire will be worn by all service personnel?

Anyone performing a service for your wedding should dress accordingly and professionally. You will not want a vendor showing up in jeans and a T-shirt if you’re having a formal wedding

Points to Cover in Writing

1. Date & location of ceremony and reception

2. Business name, address, and phone number of the company and the representative or actual person performing the service

3. Your na mes & addresses

4. A detailed account of the exact service or item(s) that will be provided by the vendor

5. Any restrictions relating to each vendor

6. Arrival times and locations, and length of time they will stay, breaks that will be taken

7. Total payment due for services including tax and gratuities

8. Deposit made with date, and specific dates that future and final payments will be due

9. Cancellation policies – should be very specific

10. Professional attire

11. If you are feeding them at the reception -This is up to you, just let everyone know if you are, or are not ordering dinner for them

12. Delivery dates of items such as photographs or videos that will be available only after the wedding

13. Any additional costs you may incur that are not included in the total price

14. Dates items must be returned by (tuxedos, rental equipment)

15. What will be done with any leftover food, cake, beverages

16. Signatures of vendor and yourself

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