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Topic: Planning Tips for the Honeymoon
Timeframe: ASAP

Your Wedding Night

For some couples, the honeymoon begins with a stay in an elaborate bridal suite on their wedding night. For others, the wedding night is simply a point of departure—their own home or an airport motel—for the honeymoon adventure ahead.

What Type of Honeymoon?

Over the years, honeymoons have become a major subcategory within the travel industry. Certain countries, destinations, cruise lines, and travel agents specialize in honeymoon vacations. You can find a honeymoon package to match any interest or taste—from golf to cooking, winter sports to scuba. One of the better known honeymoon destinations is an all-inclusive, all-couples resort. Another growing trend is the honeymoon cruise. Both offer various degrees of “pay once” convenience, a big plus for couples after months of writing checks and remembering gratuities for the wedding.

Choosing a Location

In the confusing world of travel, a couple basic rules apply. Prices always increase in high season and decrease in low season. Keep that in mind as you plan your wedding date and honeymoon destination. If you have your heart set on a particular honeymoon, it might be worth arranging your wedding date to make the trip affordable.

The honeymoon may be your first large expenditure as a couple. It’s often a good test of where you stand around communication and compromise.

Travel Agents

The internet has revolutionized travel planning and as a result, the role of the travel agent continues to evolve. Agents today often work on a combination of fees and commissions. While many people enjoy the hunt for travel information on the internet, most still prefer the reassurance of working with a travel agent for the actual purchase. That’s especially true for busy couples trying to plan a wedding.

Traveling Out of the Country

If you decide to honeymoon out of the country, a travel agent is indispensable. Not only will they handle booking air, hotel, and car arrangements; they can walk you through the maze of passports, visas, currency conversions, customs rules, and mandatory inoculations.

Always ask about electrical current, which differs in many countries. You may need adapters if your hairdryer, video cam charger, shaver, etc. are not suited for dual currents.

Also inquire about what items you can purchase legally and what items are banned from bringing into the United States. If you are traveling with prescriptions or medication, keep them in their original containers so there won’t be any question as to what they are. Be sure to check out the Honeymoon Worksheet under: For Brides: My Bridal Suite

Packing for the Trip

Although you will probably need a variety of clothing on your honeymoon, try to streamline your wardrobe. Pack mix and match pieces that can be dressed up or down simply by changing jackets, belts, shoes or jewelry. This applies to the groom as well. Always take comfortable shoes and a travel umbrella.

Your carry on bag should contain necessities in case your luggage is lost. Also carry on glasses, contacts and solution, prescriptions and any other items you need on a daily basis.

Always purchase traveler’s checks instead of carrying large amounts of cash. Keep track carefully of the ones you’ve spent and what you’ve bought. Be sure to check out the Packing List under: For Brides: My Bridal Suite


Travel and trip insurance is recommended on a major travel expenditure. If you would need to cancel unexpectedly for any reason, most of your money would be returned. Also check into baggage and accident insurance.

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