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Hi, welcome to our virtual show vendor demonstration page.

LoveStartsHere.com requires cookies for the show, you must allow them.

Before you can see your *Booth* you MUST register as a vendor for our show. Do that here

The current test show is free. Once you have registered it can take up to 1 day to set up your *Booth*
We will send you an email when it’s done.

Your booth will NOT be available for anyone except you to see until the day and time of the show.
These vendors are currently registered for our test show
Please provide us with a square image (logo) at least 300px for this page

As a vendor, you will be able to preview and send us changes to your booth in advance of the show.
You can send us any changes until you are happy with your information and the look of your booth.

We ask you provide someone with the proper equipment, to be live in the video chat, the entire time of the show, to greet your guests. We also want you to connect to the video chat In Advance of the Show to make sure it’s enabled for you to use. Your employees can get a vendor ticket for this free test show and be in your booth, too.
For future shows when we will charge for a booth, we can offer you free vendor admission coupon codes for any employees you wish to join you.

We will provide a tech support booth on the day of the show, but at a busy show, things can get hectic. Please test out your booth before the show to make sure it’s what you want and works well.

How we are different:

  1. Interactive – Please try to make this as interactive as possible. Be in your store or in front of your equipment. Play music if you are a musician. Set up something inside your store or house. For future shows we will be doing the ever popular Build-A-Bouquet on line. Our guests have loved the test demos – even online because its engaging and they get to see what THEY WANT. Keep that in mind. If you are a gown store get them excited about booking an appointment by showing them a nice selection of gowns etc. How can you engage in a way that isn’t just saying “We have this, and these are our prices.” We believe success depends on keeping it interesting and PERSONAL for everyone.
  2. Can Be A Shared Experience – Brides, Grooms, Friends and Family can visit the show together, no matter where they are. Should be a selling point.
    We will have a semi-private meeting booth. An empty booth with video chat where guests can meet up and chat about what they’ve seen, where to go next, etc.
  3. Guests Choose Who they See – Our visitors will see a list of all the participating Wedding Professionals and be able to click directly on that vendor so they can talk with ONLY the Pros that interest them. We will not force guests to listen to everyone, but we will offer them incentives to visit all of our vendors. It is important to make your page look good and to offer a show special once they so arrive in your booth. Also more than one guest will be able to log in to see you, expect a Zoom-like exoperience. She or he may listen to another guest and jump in with a question. We will let them know that that is ok to do. Later we may test an appointment based show, but for now we want it to be more as the spirit moves them format, like an in-person show.
  4. Guests Do NOT Have to Click on Chat – Many of our guests have told us they are only interacting live with vendors who spark their interest. That’s why you have to give them something eye catching to let them know what you can do for them. Visiting your booth is good, but your goal is to get them to click the chat and interact with you live. A YouTube video can really help you there, as well as good pictures and descriptive text
  5. Offer Specials – Treat it like a Real Show. A strategy could be to have them enter something like *WIN* in the text chat to register for your special.
    We will send out in advance all 20 participating Pros to the participating couples. So you will make an early impression before the show. Offer a special or tell them something you will be doing at the virtual show. Ex: Tux companies could show the difference between coats on a live model.
    These are just some ideas to start, just to stir your creative mind, you know what is best for your business. Please let us know what you want.
  6. Cash for Contracts – If our system works well, the price of our full scale virtual show will be more than reasonable.
    Our goal is to award couples who have signed a contract $250 cash payment if they have signed and you have submitted their contract within 30 days of the show. Depending on the show size will determine if its $1,000 or higher for total prizes. They book with you, you submit the contract (no $ needed – just signed contract) and we send you a check for $250 to be applied to their balance if they are one of the winners. At least 4 per show.
  7. Keep in mind that this is brand new to all of us. Be sure to ask your guests what they like, what they don’t like and what can we do better.

Your booth can contain text with your contact information and description

It will be clickable so guests can easily contact you, but all are optional

  • Your Business Name
  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • email
  • Tell your guests everything that you can do for them.

You can have pictures in your booth

It can be one picture or a slideshow

We can embed Your YouTube videos

Add videos from YouTube to your booth. Just send us the url.
We recommend using your business YouTube channel. If the video is from your own channel, we can set it to suggest more from your own channel when it’s done playing and not show possible competitors.

The show only lasts a limited time. Our guests have many vendors to visit in that time. They won’t watch very long. You need to say all you need to say in about 30 seconds

You can have one video full width

Or multiple videos across the page

Other media

You can have PDFs or most anything you can put on a web page

Because we are starting something new

We would like to say that you should have this many pictures and so many videos, but right now there is not any good data on how much or how little media will work best for you. What works well for one vendor may not be as effective for another. Sometimes less is more, but there is not really a limit how much media to have in your booth.
Because everyone who attends our virtual show will have to buy a ticket and register we will be able to track them and have these numbers in the future.

We have both video and text chat

The guests will see your media above even if they don’t click to chat.

We ask you provide someone with the proper equipment, to be live in the video chat, the entire time of the show, to greet your guests
Landscape mode ▅ or portrait █, is your call. Something to ask your guests about.

This video chat is not turned on because this is a public page
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