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Topic: Bridal Registry, Home Furnishings
Timeframe: Six Months
Pittsburgh Area Gift Registry Store Listings

Bridal gift registries have become more popular and sophisticated in the age of computerization and online shopping, and more convenient as friends and family scatter across the country pursuing careers. Brides-to-be may find themselves on a first-name basis with their UPS or FedEx delivery person!

What to Register

Once the domain of large department stores and bridal specialty shops, registries have spread to include just about every imaginable type of retailer. Register early to allow your guests to purchase shower gifts as well as wedding gifts. Call the store or check online to begin the process.

Remember to update the list after showers, parties, and also after the wedding. Department stores with more than one branch will circulate your information to all of their stores. Bridal registries are also excellent places to purchase gifts for your attendants.

Take your time and involve your fiance when choosing styles and patterns. Remember that many wedding gifts will be with you for years to come.

Thank You Notes

Thank you notes should be written in advance of the wedding as gifts arrive. Thank you notes from the wedding day should be written within one month. If you should receive a duplicate or damaged gift directly from the store, return it promptly for replacement or exchange. If you do need to return a gift, do not notify the giver. A thank you note should be written for the gift received.

First Home Furnishings

Furnishing your home is just one of the exciting steps you take as newlyweds building your future together. Most new couples want to start fresh in a new apartment or house with new furnishings they have shopped for and selected together. Starting from scratch, you can select piece by piece, room by room, choosing what feels and looks comfortable to create a home environment you’ll enjoy for years.

An important factor to consider before starting the selection process is your future surroundings and lifestyle. Don’t select your furniture with only short-term goals in mind. You may only be living in your first house or apartment for a short time.

Ask yourselves a few questions: What furniture do we need to live with right now? What styles of furniture do we like best? What colors would we like to live with for a long time? Are we planning on moving anytime soon? Will we do a lot of formal entertaining or do we prefer to kick back and relax most of the time?

There is no rule that says you must have matching sets of furniture or that you will like the same style you’ve grown up with. Looking for a mix of pieces can be more fun and assure that every purchase is an item you’ll love for years.

When it comes to furniture, most interior designers stress quality over quantity. When purchasing any home furnishings, do your homework.

Be prepared with color swatches, paint or carpeting samples and room measurements. You also need to know if your doorways and stairwells will accommodate large pieces of furniture.

Your first purchase should be something you will use and enjoy on a daily basis. Investing in well made, quality furniture and keeping your future plans in mind will help you begin a collection that is both adaptable and a source of pleasure.

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