All About the Bass!
Don’t Forget the Back of Your Gown!

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As Meghan Trainor says, “It’s all about the bass”.  The back view!!

This is the main view that everyone sees during the ceremony!

You are standing in front of all of your guests with either your back or side towards them.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About!!


Choosing a Back Detail for You!

We are talking way more than trains here!

There are high backs, low backs, sheer backs, embellished backs, bows and simply elegant backs!


bhldn Besa Georgia – Draped Cowl Back – Elegant


bhldn Jenny Yoo Shipley – Less Formal


MB Bride 69041 – Covered, but with Illusion


Galialahav G-512 Fun & Flirty


Davids Bridal Collection Traditional

Davids DB Studio Separates-V Back Beaded Top – Casual

When choosing the style of your gown, keep in mind the type of wedding you and your fiancé have decided upon. Will your wedding be very formal, formal, semi-formal, or informal? Also consider the time of day of your ceremony and the season of the year.

Your bridal professional will help you in narrowing down y our choices, depending on your style of wedding. Choose a dress that complements your coloring as well as your figure type.

If doing a strapless, low or bare back dress, remember your tan lines!!  You don’t want tan lines showing with that gorgeous wedding dress!!


Elegant, Sheer & Beautiful!


Bows  & Laces Always Have a Place in Bridal!


Gorgeous Bare Back, Stunning!

Your bridal salon will help you choose an appropriate gown for the style of ceremony you are having. Cathedral or chapel length trains are usually prominent in very formal or formal weddings.

Gowns with a train photograph beautifully and have a breathtaking effect when walking down the aisle. Some gowns may be fashioned with a detachable train which can be removed for the reception.

If your train is not detachable, make sure it can be bustled or held up in one way or another. You will want to be comfortable at the reception and be able to dance with ease.


Low V, Followed by a Body Hugging Silhouette, Enhanced by a  Full Train!


Lace Up Backs Never Go Out of Style


Who Can Forget Pippa’s Back!!

Pippa Middleton Stealing the Show!  Ghetty Images


A semi-formal wedding dress may be a shorter design such as tea length or street length, or just a simple floor length gown without a train.

If you’re having an informal wedding, almost anything goes!


Choosing Your Veil

Once you’ve chosen your gown, you may now decide on the headpiece and veil. These should complement the dress as well as your hairstyle and face.  This is where the back detail really matters.  Do you want to cover it with a veil?

If your gown has beautiful back detail, you may want to go with a shorter veil or a sheer longer style allowing your dress to show through. A veil can even take the place of a train. It may be detachable for the reception or attached to your wrist for easy movement. Small pillbox hats may be worn for any style of wedding from formal to informal, and may again be trimmed with a small veil and ornamental pieces. If choosing a hat, consider the brim carefully. Large brimmed hats tend to cast heavy shadows over the bride’s face which can seriously impact the quality of your photographs.

Your veil may have a plain edge finish or be trimmed in pearls or lace to enhance your gown. Be sure the headpiece is comfortable and can be securely attached. Always try the headpiece on with your gown before purchasing to ensure a perfect look, and be sure to style your hair as you will wear it on your wedding day.  Beautiful, embellished hair can also accentuate the back of your dress.

Hopefully we’ve given you something to think about!!

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